İzmir Efes Müzesi İzmir

İzmir Efes Müzesi

April 1 - October 1
Box-Office Summer Opening Time: 08:00
Summer Visit Opening Time: 08:00
April 1 - October 1
Box-Office Summer Closing Time: 18:30
Summer Visit Closing Time: 18:30
October 31 - April 14
Box-Office Winter Opening Time: 08:30
Winter Visit Opening Time: 08:30
October 31 - April 14
Box-Office Winter Closing Time: 17:00
Winter Visit Closing Time: 17:30

Closing Day:
The first day of religious holidays is closed until noon.

Admission Fee: 15 TL

Museums are closed in first religious holidays until clock 13.00

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Initially formed in 1929 in a warehouse in Selcuk, who was brought in excavations and artifacts collected from the environment. In 1964, it completed construction of the southern section of the museum used to this day and has started works to be exhibited.
The museum consists of several halls, is not enough for excavation works brought from the northern part was built in 1976, it has been extended. Museum of archeology and ethnography (in between) consists of two main sections.