Burdur Museum

Burdur Museum

April 15th / October 2nd
Summer Opening Time: 08:30
April 15th / October 2nd
Summer Closing Time: 19:00
October 3rd / April 14th
Winter Opening Time: 09:00
October 3rd / April 14th
Winter Closing Time: 17:30

Closing Day:
Open everyday

Admission Fee: 5 TL

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Adres     : Özgür Mahallesi, Cevizli Sokak
E-posta  : antalya@kulturturizm.gov.tr
Tel         : +90 (248) 232 22 10 – 233 10 78

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Surrounding Bulguroğlu of antiquities in 1956 (Pirkulza in) Madrasa N gathered in the library building, which is protected only surviving structures and thus was formed the first nucleus of the museum. The opening of the exhibition halls of Burdur Museum in 1969. Bug are among the 50 countries with the number of our work on the first 10-15 thousand museum. Museum, which is very rich in terms of work place is insufficient. Which will begin construction in 1998 will reach a new identity with new exhibition halls.
Burundi is located in the Mediterranean region where respect, represents the common characteristics of the Aegean and Central Anatolian civilizations. Findings in Burdur Museum, BC From 7000 until today, 9000 years of history is the history and cultural treasures.