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Adıyaman Museum

April 15th / October 2nd
Summer Visit Opening Time: 08:00
April 15th / October 2nd
Summer Visit Closing Time: 19:00
October 3rd / April 14th
Winter Visit Opening Time: 08:00
October 3rd / April 14th
Winter Visit Closing Time: 17:00

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Adres     : Atatürk Caddesi, Adıyaman
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Tel         : +90 (416) 216 12 59

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In 1982 and since then has gained a modern building began to serve in their own building. The museum building, located in the most beautiful part of the city center, large-garden is a one-storey building built on the basement floor.

Works are exhibited in the interior garden with two large halls and the hall call connects hall. Lower Euphrates made in the region and delivered the result of years of domestic and foreign excavations, museum with artifacts from the museum of purchase and other means, has become the richest museums in the region.

The museum Palaeolithic hand axes, drills and cutters; Chalcolithic period terracotta pots, ornaments belonging to the Bronze Age; Ceramic pots from the Roman and Islamic periods are exhibited. Again he seals belonging to various periods, male and female jewelery, human and animal figurines, mosaics, gold, silver and bronze coins; ethnographic artifacts of the region.