Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaic Museum Virtual Tour

The Gaziantep Zeugma Museum is world?s one of the most important museums in terms of both its building complex and its collection.

The Museum Building located on the site of Gaziantep?s former Tekel (once a tobacco and alcohol monopoly) Plant covering an area of 30,000 square meters, is a building complex consisting of 3 units. Besides administrative spaces, there are exhibition halls covering a total area of about 7,075 square meters, including a sitting area of 3500 square meters and consisting of 3 stories.

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    Ticket booths are closing 30 minutes or an hour before the museum closing time.
    Address : Mithatpaşa Mahallesi Hacı Sani Konukoğlu Bulvarı 27500, Şehitkamil
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    Phone : (342) 325 27 27
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    The Bath (Hamam) Mosaics discovered under the mass of the dam are exhibited in the basement of the museum, and the mosaics found in the villas located on the banks of the Euphrates, the mosaics from the Poseidon and Euphrates villas and those from the Dionysus villas, are exhibited on the ground floor. The 1st floor contains mosaics unearthed during rescue excavations carried out in Zap in 2000. There is also a section housing Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Period Church Mosaics discovered in the neighborhood of Gaziantep and brought to the Gaziantep Museum Directorate. And, on the 2nd floor, in a separate section, the world-renowned ?Gypsy Girl? mosaic is displayed.

    2,248 square meters of mosaics originating from the Roman and Late Antique Periods, 140 square meters of frescoes, 4 Roman fountains, 20 columns, 4 limestone sculptures, the bronze statue of Mars, grave steles, sarcophagi and architectural pieces belonging to the collection of the Zeugma Mosaic Museum have been restored and put on display.

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